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Originally posted on VentureBeat:

Photos in the Between appThe Korean entrepreneurs behind Between have a charming idea: Let couples create one-on-one social networks for purely private sharing.

With the app, from South Korea-based VCNC, two people can connect with each another to share private photos and secret messages. The private “chat” function includes support for emoticons, so you can dress up your sweet nothings with as many smiley faces, winks, and hearts as your sweetie can stand. In the future, the network could support coupons or other offers, enabling marketers to reach the desireable demographic of young, happy couples in search of romantic experiences and adventures.

“We want to build a global couple platform,” VCNC’s chief executive Jaeuk Park told VentureBeat.

Between launched on March 7 at the Launch conference in San Francisco. Park and “value innovator” Edward lee visited VentureBeat’s offices to demonstrate the app, which runs on both iPhone and Android phones — and to…

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